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"God reigns over the nations: God sits on His holy throne" Psalm 47:8

Does today's breaking news frustrate you? If like me it probably does. The World's headlines are enough to make our heads spin and our spirits sag.

I challenge you to turn the TV off, and put down the social media, and read Psalm 47 aloud. Its will take less than 60 seconds.

The Psalmist tells us to clap our hands and to shout in triumph for God is awesome(V1), the King of the earth (V2). He will subdue peoples and nation (V3).

We can sing His praises because He reigns over the nations and sits on His throne(V6-8)

He is greater than all the leaders. He is highly exalted(V9).

Jesus came to die and rise again, this ushered in His Kingdom. We are His kingdom now, but one day His kingdom will fully come.

Take heed; Circumstances are alinging for His return and it could be one day real soon.

He could come in the next 60 seconds as you read this Psalm, so lets not lose a minute fretting about the world.

Let's hold tightly to the truth of Psalm 47 and remember WHO is truly in charge.

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